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Welcome to Kid2Kid!

Around the World Kid2Kid (Kid2Kid) is a comprehensive service learning project that connects children worldwide.

Kid2Kid is a project of the International Child Resource Institute (ICRI)

Kid2Kid Mission

Kid2Kid is a non-profit program dedicated to improving the lives of children worldwide. Kid2Kid links kids with kids so that they can make a difference in each other's lives. Our mission is to provide support to children worldwide and to provide the opportunity for kids everywhere to become aware of and help one other.

Global Community

To encourage peace in the world, children must learn about the world beyond their classroom and community–to learn that they are all vital members of a global community. Children participating in Kid2Kid are old enough to comprehend and young enough to develop long lasting habits of deep compassion and empathy.

Education With Compassion

The Kid2Kid website offers students a rich learning environment where they can learn about many facets of life in other countries, with links to programs and sites that include in-depth academic content. Once students have explored one or more countries, Kid2Kid introduces them to groups of children and guides them through a process whereby they learn about ‘true communication’ and friendship. The Kid2Kid curriculum of lessons and learning activities complements and extends the online learning experience, facilitating a process whereby children also learn about diversity, empathy and compassion towards themselves, as well as others.

Through mutual understanding and communication, all children who are touched by this program will make a positive difference in the way people of our world relate and interact.

For information about how Kid2Kid works on a broader scale, including details about the Kid2Kid and the International Child Resource Institute's (ICRI) work with local aid agencies, or NGOs, please see Kid2Kid Project.

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What Kid2Kid Offers

From Nepal to New York City, children need words of love, support, and genuine interest from kids their own age. These messages connect and unite all children. Through this very personal contact children everywhere will begin to understand and be understood; they will speak out and be heard.

  • Kid2Kid offers opportunities for students anywhere to learn about what life is like for children in countries around the world.
  • Kid2Kid introduces students to students and teaches communication and understanding on a global level.
  • Kid2Kid provides a guide for this process, enabling students to offer friendship (and support when appropriate) to children in a manner that is compassionate, empathetic and empowering.

Students learn about complex global issues that affect children worldwide, and through this process they also learn about themselves and the intrinsic value of their similarities and differences. As students become involved, learning and enjoyment follow.

Teachers have access to a program that enhances, easily integrates into, and helps provide a format for a variety of curricular and extra-curricular programs (e.g., service learning, multicultural education, character development). Furthermore, Kid2Kid provides the teacher with a complete curriculum of lesson plans and teaching resources to facilitate his/her participation in Kid2Kid.

Kid2Kid Benefits

Kid2Kid benefits for K-6 students:

  • Provides the resources for kids to speak in their own voice to peers, kid to kid;
  • Fosters the development of compassion by putting a face on kids who are different, or live far away;
  • Promotes respect and deeper understanding of other cultures and human conditions;
  • Interweaves essential disciplines including: emotional development (appreciation of diversity, conflict resolution), geography, social studies and English language arts;
  • Effectively and responsibly integrates resources available through the internet, the classroom, and the world; and
  • It's fun!

How It Works for Everyone!

The Kid2Kid website provides students with access to rich educational content about what it is like to be a kid in countries throughout the world. Kid2Kid then links students to other children. Students write letters to the children of their choice, create artwork, ask pertinent questions and participate in related cultural activities. Throughout this process the teachers or after school program leaders have access to a variety of lesson plans and resources designed to support their instruction and enhance students' experience with Kid2Kid.

Kid2Kid will see that all students’ letters and communications get immediately air shipped and delivered to the local aid agency (NGO) which will personally deliver them to their children. The NGOs have promised to photograph their children receiving the mail and post the photos on the Kid2Kid website. The students can then log on to the Kid2Kid website and see children reading the letters they have just sent!

The students will probably receive a letter (and a new friend) in return.

Here’s how it looks! (See below for explanation of graphic.)

1. A group of children are recognized as suitable Kid2Kid participants by a local NGO.
2. NGO sends information and photos of the group of children to Kid2Kid.
3. Kid2Kid puts the photo and information on the Kid2Kid website.
4. A class of children see the photo and information on the website during their Kid2Kid class program. They learn about a new country.
5. Students write letters, send photos, etc. to their chosen group of children to learn more about them. They send these communications to Kid2Kid.
6. Kid2Kid air ships these communications to the NGO.
7. The NGO receives the letters, translates them and hand delivers them to the children. They take pictures. The same process is reversed as children respond to their new friends.
8. Kid2Kid puts the photos on the website and sends the response letters on to the students.

Note: Because the NGO’s are the liaison, all children can participate, even without access to computers!

Two very diverse and distant groups of children have just shared themselves with and learned from each other. Each group begins to understand and appreciate difference in a new light. More importantly they learn that deep down we are all really very much alike.

Explore Our Website

The Kid2Kid site is divided into four areas:

1. Kids

This is where kids and adults are invited to explore and learn about what it is like to be a child in another part of the world. It is an area rich in academic content with links to educational sites that offer in depth information on a variety of related topics. It is also the area where students are invited to meet "real kids" from each featured country. Students are introduced to ideas for how to communicate with and understand children from around the world living in diverse cultures.

2. Teachers & Group Leaders

The Teachers’ area contains information about: 1) Using Kid2Kid as a classroom or after school program, 2) Kid2Kid as a component of a service learning project, 3) the Kid2Kid curriculum containing a range of lesson plans designed to support Kid2Kid activities and 4) related support and resources.

3. Online Community

This currently consists of a bulletin board where Kid2Kid members can view photographs and other materials they receive in response from the children they have reached out to and a chat room with scheduled, moderated chats and other activities designed for inclusion and communication reinforcement for diverse populations. This area will also contain a newsletter highlighting the activities and achievements of Kid2Kid members and partners.

4. Kid2Kid Project Description

This area (where you are now) contains information of interest to supporters and friends of Kid2Kid, and participating non-governmental organizations (NGOs). It has background information on Kid2Kid, its facilitating partner the International Child Resource Institute, and other partner organizations. This area also contains details about Kid2Kid's working relationship with selected NGOs.

Join Us!

There are many ways to join us–as an individual student, class or group of children, teacher or group leader, volunteer, NGO, or a friend and supporter.

Membership is free and available to all teachers and group leaders. The benefits to you and your students are substantial! Once you have explored our site please take a moment to consider becoming a Kid2Kid member.

It’s free!

To become a member, you, as the teacher or group leader, simply need to register with Kid2Kid.

Registration is simple. You are registered once you notify us by email that your group of students would like to write letters and/or become involved with one of the groups of kids listed on the site. By registering you help us ensure that all Kid2Kid children are acknowledged.

We would like to hear from you!

Need More Information? Contact Kid2Kid

Program Manager:
Caroline Austin
Phone: 510-644-1000,
Fax: 510-525-4106,or
E-mail us.

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